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Join the Yorkshire Tourism Network now - free!

The Network is for any visitor-facing tourism or hospitality business, including accommodation providers, visitor attractions, activity companies, food, drink, creative and retail businesses*.

It's a way for you to get access to support, marketing tips, invitations to training and networking events, and other opportunities. It's run on a voluntary basis by me, Susan Briggs. I hope the Network will help you collaborate with others in the area to strengthen your business. 

The Yorkshire Tourism Network can help you to:

  • Get ideas, tips & conversations you can't find anywhere else 
  • Make better-informed decisions about how to grow your business & make your life easier
  • Access a little inspiration & expert help whenever you need it
  • Meet people who share your interests & care about the same topic

If you're in North Yorkshire, you'll be able to take advantage of some new business support we can now offer, thanks to UKSPF funding. Just use the form below to sign up now and find out more. 

Is it really free? Why? 

Yes, really! After working in tourism marketing for a long time, I'm fortunate to now be able to spend some of my time doing something that I find very satisfying and enjoyable - helping tourism businesses to flourish. Because I've done it for so long, it's relatively easy for me to write articles, offer advice and come up with solutions to tourism issues. 

Membership of the Tourism Network will always be free. Running a paid membership organisation can be time with lots of admin, invoicing and chasing subscriptions so I find it simpler to just keep it free. When we run events or do something that incurs more costs, we look for external funding or sponsorship.  

*If you run a business serving the tourism industry  to the industry such as an advisor, consultant, designer, or supplier such as a laundry or insurance company, please get in touch. Full membership of the Network is not appropriate for your business, but we do have other opportunities that might work better for you.