A fast-growing trend you need to use in your business

fast growing trend

I’ve been going on about this for a while. If you've been listening, you may be feeling a little smug as you'll have seen rsome good results already...

If not, its worth psying attention to this trend as its noty going away!

One of the biggest post-pandemic trends in tourism is an increased desire among visitors to gain insights into places that give them an ‘insider’s view’.

I’ve noticed it in two different generations:

  • younger people who don’t want to follow the crowd, are independently-minded and ready to find their own way
  • more experienced travellers who’ve got bored of the same old-same old, don’t like homogenous high streets and standard travel, and are ready to experience ‘something different’.

'Something different' doesn’t necessarily mean something that’s big, flash or exciting. Most are really happy to find something that’s simply different from their everyday.

Many talk about travelling like a local, but it’s more than that.

Meaningful travel experiences are good for the visitor and the host community. More and more visitors want to actively support local businesses and communities and immerse themselves in local activities. They really welcome insider tips and recommendations.

These could be for

  • the best places to buy…
  • quirky sights or details that most people miss
  • the best places to do something such as a walk or cycle route
  • people who have a particular skill or knowledge they like to share
  • best places to eat or drink
  • best views
  • information about the local community, a tradition, history or an event
  • ways to help safeguard the local area or make a positive contribution

Visitors can find some of this information on Google but they’re increasingly looking to social media and individuals with local knowledge.

What information and inspiration do you offer? How? Where?

The power of micro-steps


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